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Thursday, 07 May 2015 10:48

Tourism spending rises along with the lake level

 The lake is back and tourism dollars are rolling in.

 Money spent by visitors to Pulaski County last year had a total economic impact of $121,724,940, a $4.57 million increase over the year before, according to an announcement this week by Carolyn Mounce, executive director, Somerset-Pulaski Convention & Visitors Bureau.


 Last year was the first time since 2006 that Lake Cumberland was in normal operation. The water was held about 40 feet below normal for six summers to facilitate repairs to Wolf Creek Dam. The lake was allowed to rise 20 feet during Summer 2013, initiating an economic upturn.

  “Spending by our visitors continues to strengthen Pulaski County’s economy by creating jobs, supporting local businesses from lodging facilities, gas stations, restaurants to retail stores, and generating tax revenues to support our community,” said Mounce.

  “Tourism is about giving visitors to our area what they want,” Mounce said, adding: “I think we do it very well.” She mentioned the lake, dining options, the scenery, attractions, events, arts and local people who treat our visitors so well.

  She noted a cultural change in Pulaski County, more in line to what our visitors are accustomed, particularly in dining options. “Our businesses are awesome,” Mounce said. “They support our restaurants and lodging places, even during off seasons.”…Read the rest of the story in the Commonwealth Journal.

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